Friday, 29 June 2018


On Wednesday 27 of June we went to Arataki Regional park. First we went on the bendy bus to Arataki. Once we got there we had to scrub our shoes to prevent Kauri dieback.

Then I went along the loop and the nature trail with my group. We had a checklist so we looked for spiders. we had to go deep into the bushes to find a very cute blue spider making a web. It took us 10 minutes to find it but it was worth it.

 In the last block I did a workshop to learn about the life cycle where insects are important. We used something called a pooter. It is something where you suck up a bug through a straw and catch bugs but you can't accidentally suck it into your mouth.

At the end you can release your insect. 

Going to Arataki was very fun and I learnt lots about insects..

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